Sun Bets Review

I have noticed several newspapers, magazines and in some cases even supermarkets that have been launching their own gambling related websites over the years, and that may be something that you have become aware of.

Those sites aren’t operated by those media and retail giants through they are simply white label betting and gambling sites which are branded around a company so that they can offer gambling services to their customers. Sun Bets is one such betting site that is branded around The Sun newspaper, and this review will enlighten you on what they have on offer.

Place a Bet Get One Worth Three Times It Value Free!

I do like the way that some sportsbooks, bookmakers and betting sites put together their welcome sign up bonus offers, for with a little bit of shopping around you are always going to find plenty of welcome bonuses and for that matter ongoing loyalty bonuses that do catch your eye.

Now, once you have read through this review of Sun Bets if you do fancy giving them a try then what I would advise you to do is to sign up through any of the many links you will find located throughout this website, as by doing so you will then qualify and can take advantage of our exclusive sign up offer.

That offer has been designed in such a way that you first must make a deposit and place a small bet with your own money, but by doing so and showing you are prepared to take a risk having a bet they will then give you a free bet worth three times of the value of that initial wager you place.

Be aware the offer has been structured as a bet £10 and get a free £30 bet promotion (Ts & Cs Apply), so if you do have a tenner laying around then why not put if to good use, for more details of how to claim that bonus and to stake you claim on it simply click on our links and visit the Sub Bets betting site.

Generous Odds and Plenty of Sports Covered

As the Sun Bets sportsbook is a white label betting site that does mean their odds compilers are outsourced to a company that makes up the books and lays the odds for several other similar betting sites, which in that in turn means you will find a huge range of different sporting events to bet on.

What I would advise you to do however, if you want to have the peace of mind in knowing you are always going to be able to place a bet on any sporting event and secure the bets odds in the industry is to open an account at Sun Bets and some independent betting sites.

By doing so when the moment arrives, which I am sure it will do many, many times a day when the odds you are looking or at either Sun Bets or one of our other featured betting sites are higher than at other sites, you can place those bets instantly a you already have an account with them.

I have found to my cost several times that by the time you do sign up to some betting sites, make a deposit and then finally be able to place a bet the high odds you initially found are no longer available and have dropped, so make a note of that fact and act on it!

Deposits and Withdrawals

No matter at which betting site you chose to sign up to and bet at, you are always going to have plenty of different ways available to you to top up your betting account. However, having said that you do want to use one that isn’t going to see you paying additional fees and charges.

As such I would urge you to try and use a debit card issued by your bank that is linked up to your bank account when betting at Sun Bets, as by doing so you can also make withdrawals rapidly back to your bank account and no fees or charges will be levied onto you.

That same cannot be said if you choose to use a credit card or a prepaid debit card or even a web wallet, for whilst they are all accepted at this betting site there will often be a range of additional fees you have to content with and pay.

But one thing you are never going to have any worried about as soon as you are a sports bettor and customer at Sun Bets is having to wait for longer than is necessary to get paid out your winnings and in full as fair play to them they do pay-out their winning players rapidly and always on time too!

Support and Option Settings

You can set all manner of different options regarding he way the betting platforms and your financial transactions can be arranged at Sun Bets and the very first thing you should consider making use of are their gambling option limit settings.

When you are in the trance like state that many gambler sod experience at one time or another you can just go on auto pilot and when you do so you can find yourself gambling way more money than you ever intended to.

By setting how much you want to deposit and more importantly how much you are prepared to lose via the gambling limit option settings once you log into your Sun Bets account you will never be allowed and never therefore be tempted to carry on gambling.

You will also find an around the clock customer care team are always on call and on duty at Sun Bets so if you ever get puzzled of confused about anything they have on offer via their betting markets, banking interface of anything at all simply get in touch with their support team.

Online and Mobile Betting

You are never going to know when you are wandering around and you spot a betting opportunity that you will not want to miss out on, for if you do delay on placing a bet these days you will often find the odds will drop if something has been overpriced.

Therefore, one way that you are always going to be able to make a point of securing the best odds on whatever it is you fancy placing your money on, is by having access to live betting markets at all times, and that is where the Sun Bets mobile betting app will come in very handy.

You can have access to that betting app once you download it and their online web browser base betting platform once you have registered as a new customer of theirs, as by doing so your username and your password gives you instant access to both betting platforms.

The range of deposit and withdrawal options, promotional offers and of course all the available betting opportunities and betting markets that are available to online customers are also on offer via the betting app, so do consider making use of it as it can and will come in very handy from time to time!

Account Safety

Your account username and password will give you access to your Sun Bets online betting site account and your mobile app account to, so you can switch from one account to the other at any time and have access to your phones held in either account.

But make sure that you do keep that information safe and secure, as you will never want to get your account compromised.

All customers of Sun Bet much be by law over the age of 18 and they will also need you to verify your age, address and your identity too by sending in the required documentation to their account verification team when asked to.


I am going to leave the decision as to whether you do sign up to Sun Bets to you, as it is at the end of the day your money you will be gambling with, however I do feel they are offering the type of betting markets and promotional offers that will appeal to all punters, no matter what sporting events they wish to bet on.

Also, you must keep in mind that Sun Bets do also sponsor several major sporting events and fixtures too, and what you will find when a betting site does sponsor such events they tend to offer the best odds on those events.

Spend as much time as you like looking over the Sun Bets betting sites website s that way you can decide for yourself if you like what you find when you do so.

But do make sure you click onto our links when visiting their website as that way you are then automatically going to qualify for the promotional sign up offer I told you about up above, which should get you off to a good and maybe winning start betting with them!

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