Gamble Responsibly

Gambling can be fun but, when it stops being fun it becomes a problem. Here at we make every effort to ensure our customers recognise when there is an issue and point them in the right direction in resolving that issue.

This website is of course based around gambling, and as such if you do have a passion for gambling in any shape or form you will find all the information you require to help you to do so.

However, it would be churlish of me not to bring to your attention that for some people gambling can become a problem, and all over the world at any time there are people who will be experiencing problems due to their gambling activities, and you may be one of those people.

If that is the case or someone you know is gambling and it is causing them problems, then please do read through this responsible gambling article, for I have compiled it to allow you to stake a step back, realise you have a problem and then offer you some practical ways you can get help and support for your gambling problems.

It can take a lot of willpower for anybody to admit to themselves they have a problem and then seek out help and support for that problem, but please be under no illusion that when you do make that next step to getting help and support it will feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

If you are currently deep in debt and see no way out of your current problems that have been caused by your gambling problems, be aware that there is help available to you, and if you make use and embrace that help your money problems will eventually sort themselves out.

So please, and I do mean this, read on and let me pass onto you ways that you can get your life back on track, and put your gambling demons behind you.

Ways to Get Help and Support Right Now

Helpful Websites include:

Gamblers Anonymous - email:  [email protected]

Be Gamble Aware - Tel: 0808 8020 133

Gamcare  - email:   Tel: 0808 8020 133

Everybody is of course different, and your own personality is going to make you want to use one way of seeking help and support over another way.

The one way I do feel is going to be a good initial step is if you speak to someone, therefore pick up the phone and contact one of the gambling addition charities right now and explain your current situation to them.

You can of course choose to visit a website of such a support group or charity, however what I feel you will find when reading through their guides and articles is things you already know, such as gambling is having a very negative effect on your life.

By picking up the phone, and by the way the phone numbers will be free, so if you have spent your very last penny, you will not be charged for such a phone call, you will then be put through to someone who has experienced exactly what you are going through now.

It is very true to say that someone who will be able to seek out help and support will have access to no money and will not have a penny to their name and will probably also be deep in debt, however do picking up the phone and speaking to a counsellor as they will understand what you are going through.

They will then be able to talk you through the many different options available to you to help you get your life back on track, but one thing they will suggest is that you attend a one on one session to talk in person to a counsellor about your problems or will suggest you visit a group session.

Now I do know that sitting down with a group of people that you have never met before is going to be a very daunting task, but every single person at such a group session meeting with have gone through what you have gone through and will be able to suggest ways that you can overcome your problems

Not only that but you will also find you can attend as many of those meeting on an ongoing basis as you need or require, in fact many people go to one or two sessions each week.

You will have access to the support networks offered by a group session and the gambling problem charities you contact, and they are then going to be able to work out a long-term plan to get your finances back on track and help you put into effective ways to stop gambling too.

Most people who do find themselves at rock bottom simply want to get more cash, to help pay any bills that they have not been able to pay due to their gambling addition problem, however forget about that for the minute and put as much effort into visiting a group meeting as you can, for by attending one there will be options available for you.

Whilst there are several different gambling problem charities you can contact, one that does offer help and support and one to one counselling sessions and group sessions is Gamblers Anonymous.

As such please do contact them right now if you are sat there fretting about what to do next, as by contacting them you will start the road to recovery, and by following their advice you will eventually get your life back on track.

Even though you may feel that your life is now ruined through your gambling activities, never under estimate the benefits of contacting them for help or advice, for not only will then be able to put into a plan and one you can keep to regarding stopping gambling, but they can also help you manage your finances over the long term too.

Please, and I do mean this never think you are on your won if you are experience any type of gambling problem, for there are millions of people all over the world in the same position as you and help and support is available, but only if you make the effort to seek out that help and support, so do just that and do it right now.