IIHF World Championship 2019 Betting

IIHF World Championship 2019 Betting

If you are a fan of Ice Hockey you will not need me to tell you that one of the most watched sporting events in the Ice Hockey calendar is of course the IIHF World Championship final, and there is as always, plenty of interest from sports bettors in that event.

Each year forty-eight teams made up from teams form the Top Division and divisions one, two and three battle it out in several games in the hope they make their way through to the final, and most fans of the sports will of course have their own opinion on just which team they think will lift the trophy at the end of the season.

That does of course mean that you are always going to find more than enough sportsbooks and betting sites that are going to be offering you odds on each team taking part in the IIHF World Championship, so if you do have a personal favourite you should consider placing your bets sooner rather than later.

The reason for saying that, is that once the betting markets open on this event, which they have now done, the odds available will be temping, much more so if your chosen team does find its best form and wins game after game, as their odds will of course drop once the tournament is in full flow. Below is an overview of the betting markets and bet types you can place on the IIHF World Championship.


Best Early Odds on the IIHF Championship

With sixteen teams all scheduled to take on each other in the Ice Hockey World Championship, there are plenty of betting opportunities available, however I will now enlighten you on the best valued early price betting odds I have so far come across.

It is important to note that the earlier you place you bets on that event the much more likely you are to secure the following odds, as they will begin to fluctuate as soon as the event starts.

The current red-hot favourite to win is of course Canada, and whilst the odds on them winning are by no stretch of the imagination high, at 5/4 you may fancy betting on them to win.

Both Russia and Sweden are currently the second favorites to win and the best odds I have so far come across for both teams are 10/3. The odds on the other teams to jump quite noticeably with Finland available at 7/1 and both the Czech Republic and the USA being available at odds of 10/1.

It will be a pin-stickers guess as to which of the outsiders could win with Switzerland and Germany on offer at 40/1, but you may fancy the chances of Slovakia and Denmark at 66/1 or go for some betting value by placing a bet on Norway at 125/1 or even Latvia at 150/1.

The teams that appear to have no chance at all of winning this event if their odds are to be taken at face value include Belarus and France at 200/1, and both Austria at 250/1 and South Korea at a huge 750/1!

Other Options for Betting on the IIHF Championship

As the IIHF World Championship is of course made up of lots of individual matches, that therefore means that instead of placing a bet on the team you think will be crowned the outright winner of this event, you can also choose to bet on each individual match too.

As such you will find you can bet on either team to win each respective match they play, and there will also be odds available on the draw too. Whilst it is quite rare for such matches to finish in a draw it is conceivable that two teams could draw and the odds on the draw will be quite high.

In-play betting markets are also available on all IIFH Championship matches, and when placing a bet on those betting markets the odds are going to fluctuate instantly as different things happen in each match, so the onus is on you to get your bets placed as quickly as possible when making use of them.

You will also find you can place a bet on the over and under betting markets too, and when you do so you must determine whether the result will be over or under a certain number as dictated by the betting site you have placed your bet at. All our featured betting sites will also have plenty of other ice hockey related bets available to you too, so do check them out.

Previous Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal IIHF Winners

By looking at the past Gold, Sliver and Bronze medal winners of the IIHF World Championship winners you can often get a good indication of what each team’s chances are of winning future events, and as such below I will enlighten you of some previous recent medal winners.

In 2017 is was the cities of Cologne and Paris that hosted the final games in this tournament, and the Gold medal winner was Sweden with Canada picking up the Silver medal and the Bronze medal winner was Russia.

Canada do have an amazing winning record in the IIHF World Championship and in 2016 they played up to their usual excellent form, so much so they picked up the Gold, medal, it was Finland that won the Silver medal with Russia picking up the Bronze medal by finishing in third place.

It was the cities of Prague and Ostrava that were chosen to host the 2015 IIFH World Championship and yet again it was Canada that won Gold, with Russia finishing second and as such picking up the Silver medal with the United States making a surprise visit to the winner’s podium and picking up the Bronze medal.

Minsk and Belarus were the host cities back in 2014 and after a hard run battle it was Russia that won Gold, with Finland picking up Silver and Sweden playing out of their skin throughout the tournament and managing a very respectable third place, thus picking up the Bronze medal.