Will the Belgium vs England Match go to Extra Time?

The way some of the matches in this year’s World Cup have gone, it wouldn’t surprise me or you if the upcoming third place playoff match ends up going to extra time or even a penalty shootout.

In fact, by signing up to any of the featured betting sites listed throughout this very website, you are going to find they are offering odds on just that, in fact Betfred are offering some very tempting odds on the match going to either extra time or being decided by a penalty shootout.

Now the current favourites to win this match are Belgium, but if you think they are only going to win it during extra time the odds on them doing so are high at 9/1, but the odds get even higher if you think Belgium will win this match via a penalty shoot out and for reference those odds are 12/1.

The odds on England winning this match during a penalty shootout are also 12/1 at betting sites like Betfred and the odds on them winning via a penalty shootout are just as appealing as those odds are 12/1!

90 Minutes of Play Result

The result of that match is probably going to be determined in the first 90 minutes of play time, and it is Belgium that are attracting the most money on the betting markets for their win odds are reasonable but certainly do reflect their chance of winning, and those odds for reference are.

England fans are not going to be able to resist backing England at 9/4 which is what they will be able to secure when betting at sites like Betfred. The draw if you do think it will end it a tie after 90 minutes of play is on offer at odds of 13/5.

First Player to Score a Goal

With players such as Romelu Lukaku on offer at odds of 10/3 to score the first goal you will probably be tempted at some point between now and the start of the Belgium vs England match to place a bet on the very first player to score a goal in that match.

Some other team mates of Lukaku that could whack into the England net the very first goal of the match include Michy Batshuayi on offer at odds of 9/2, Eden Hazard 6/1, Dries Mertens at 7/1 and players such as Kevin De Bruyne at 9/1 could also be the first goal scorer too!

Harry Kane at 10/3 looks a rock solid bet for England fans, however the entire England team will be eager to score at least one goal during this tournament, and the odds available on some other players are Jamie Vardy at 5/1, Marcus Rashford at 8/1 along with Raheem Sterling at 8/1, but also consider having a speculative punt on Danny Welbeck at 10/1 and never underestimate the chances of players such as Dele Alli at 12/1 being the one to score the very first goal in this match too!

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