Europa League Semi Finals and Outright Betting Markets

Europa League Semi Finals and Outright Betting Markets

The clock is now ticking if you are interested in placing a range of bets on the final few matches in the Europa League. For we are now at the Semi Finals stage of the tournament, and with just four teams still left in the running, and with those matches being played on the 3rd of May 2018, you haven’t got long to place your bets.

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This year, much like all others, there is a lot of debate as to just which team is going to win the Europa League, however it is of course important that any team you do think will win makes it through the Semi Finals The first match on the 3rd of May that you can bet on and will probably be very eager to watch live on TV too is the Atlético De Madrid v Arsenal match.

It is very true to say that the smart money on that match appears to be on Atlético De Madrid and their odds of 4/6 reflect their winning chances, however you can of course bet on the draw, and if that is something you fancy doing the odds on the game ending in a draw are 11/4. But do not underestimate the chances of Arsenal who are 4/1 to win this match.

You could also have a bet on the Fc Red Bull Salzburg v Olympique Marseille match, the draw odds are 5/2 and the odds generally on offer on Fc Red Bull Salzburg winning this match are 11/10 and you will find odds of 12/5 on Olympique Marseille winning.

Outright Europa League Winner Betting

You will have until the kick off time of the above matches to get your outright winner bets on who you think is going to be crowned champions of the Europa League placed, for as soon as the results are known the number of teams on this betting markets will reduce to two of them, and their respective odds will change.

There is no getting away from the fact that Atletico Madrid are the inform team, and they are probably the team that you think are going to be crowned champions of the Europa League and add the trophy to their cabinet. However, if that is the case the best odds I have so far come across on then winning is 4/5, but all things consider those are generous odds.

Many people and punters alike are convinced that Marseille do have one of their best chances in recent history of winning the Europa League trophy, and if that is something you are convinced is going to happen then now is certainly the time to mop up the odds of 11/4 on them doing just that!

The other two teams that may just win the Europa League this year are off course Arsenal whose odds are 9/2, and RB Salzburg, however there are not many people betting on RB Salzburg and their current odds of winning, those being 14/1 reflect their overall chances of being crowned champions!

Other Popular Europa League Betting Options

As we are at the Semi Finals stage of the Europa League, you are going to be offered a range of different betting opportunities on each of the two matches listed up above. Therefore, read on to discover just what those bets are as some of them may just appeal to you.

One bet you can place on either team on either match is whether they are going to qualify for the final, for example if you think that Atlético de Madrid will qualify their odds of doing so are 3/10, but the odds of Arsenal qualifying are 13/5.

You can also place a bet on just how each game will be won, for example if you think one of the two teams will win in extra time the odds on that bet can be huge, as will the odds if you think that the outcome of the game will be determined by penalties!

An over and under betting market is also available, and when placing such a bet if for example a betting site offers an Over/Under 1.5 betting market you must bet on whether the number of goals scored will be under 1.5 or over 1.5.

You will also have the option of betting on the first goal scorer or the last goal scorer or even if any of the individual players on the field will score a goal too.

Recent Europa League Winners

History can often repeat itself regarding the winners of the Europa League, and with that in mind I shall now enlighten you on just which teams have won the trophy over the last few years.

The most recent winning team was Manchester United back in the 2016-2017 season, the final match was played against Ajax and Manchester United won 2-0.

One team that has had an outstanding record in the Europa League in recent history is of course Sevilla, for they took the title during the 2013–14, 2014–15 and 2015–16 seasons. However, it was another British team that won in the 2012 to 2013 season that being Chelsea, when, in the final game they achieved a 2–1 win over their opponents Benfica.

It was another Spanish team that won the Europa League back in 2011–12 that being Atlético Madrid, in fact two Spanish teams made it through to the final during that season, and it was a decisive 3–0 win that saw then win against their opponents that day that being Athletic Bilbao.

In the 2010–11 season it was a team from Portugal that won the Europa League trophy that being Porto, it was not the easiest of victories however for in the final game they only managed to scrape through the match with a 1–0 win, and their opponents that day were Braga.

Who is going to win this year’s Europa League does remain to be seen, however just make sure if you do fancy betting on the team you think will win, that you place your bets sooner rather than later!