Winner Review

You may have a take it or leave it approach to sports betting, however if you are one of the many savvy punters out there who are always demanding nothing but the very highest odds, and lots of betting opportunities and are looking or an online betting site allow me to introduce you to the Winner Sportsbook.

They have been in business for several years now and have slowly but surely built up a solid reputation as a betting company you can trust, and this review will enlighten you as to why we have fully approved them as one of our top-rated betting sites.

Exclusive Mega Sized Deposit Match Bonus

You are probably getting a little tired of hunting around the web for new sportsbooks and betting sites to signup to in the hope you will find a generous signup bonus on offer, as most betting sites give you a tiny valued matched bet that is no use or ornament!

However, that is certainly not going to be the case at Winner Sportsbook, for they have chosen to look after their new customers just as much as they really do take care of their loyal and regular punters when it comes to giving them a rock solid and very high valued welcome bonus.

As such, if you click onto any of our links to visit their website, then you are going to be able to claim a deposit match bonus that can see you claiming up to a whopping £200 (Ts & Cs Apply) in bonus betting credits and that bonus is of course added to your account the very second you claim it.

Now the art to getting the best winning opportunities is to always have a bankroll large enough to allow you to place a range of bets that are likely to be winning ones, and securing the best odds too, well that is what you will be doing by claiming that bonus in full and then betting at Winner!

Sports Betting and So Much More

Life is a funny old game, and when you fancy having a bet it can sometimes be beneficial for you to look outside the box so to speak and place a range of bets on things other than sporting events, and that is something that the Winners Sportsbook are going to let you do.

Their range of sports betting opportunities is however huge and varied, so no matter what you want to bet on or when by making use of their online or mobile betting platforms you can look up and individual sporting event or sporting fixture and be offered odds on it.

Their novelty betting markets are always worth checking out, for I have seen all manner of weird and wonderful betting opportunities that can often lure you into placing a bet due to the generous odds, such as who is going to win X Factor right through to naming the winner of a Nobel Peace Prize!

If you are serious about betting though you will always appreciate the fact that the Winner betting sites offers live and fully updated odds on each of their many hundreds if not thousands of different betting markets, so you can always bet safe in the knowledge the odds you see are the ones you can take!

Deposits and Withdrawals

As you are going to be able to set your account to GBP one thing you will never have to worry about when making a deposit or a withdrawal at Winner Sportsbook is losing any of the value of those account top ups and cash outs to currency exchange rate fees, which you will do when you cannot set your account to use Pounds Sterling.

There are of course going to be plenty of different ways that you can fund your account at Winner, the easiest way however is by using a debit card, as by doing so all deposits are instant, and they will also allow you to withdraw your winnings rapidly back to the bank account linked up to that card.

However, you will also be able to deposit via a web or e-wallet, prepaid vouchers and prepaid cards so no matter which option suits you bet you will find on to deposit by!

Account Security

It is of course very important that you keep your username and password to yourself, and if you use the mobile app from Winner Sportsbook do make sure that you lock your phone screen when you are not using it so nobody else can access your account should they get hold of your phone.

Winner is of course a fully licensed and regulated betting sites which means you do have the full protection of the UK gambling Commission at all times, however they do abide by the most stringent of laws and regulations so you should never experience any problems.

There is the requirement once you have registered as a new client to get your account verified at some point, and to do so you will have to send into their security team copies of your passport or driving license and send them in a copy of a recent utility bill too.

By doing so you will have no restrictions on your account and they will be able to verify you account in line with the know your customer legal requirements too.

Online and Mobile Betting

The online betting platform at Winner is an absolute breeze to use, in fact to log into that platform you simply need to visit their website and then sign into it using your username and the password you selected when registering as a new customer.

That online username and password is also going to give you direct access to their mobile betting app, so if you do want to bet on your phone just download their app which will take less than a minute, install it and log in using your online log in details.

Make no mistake about is though, everything that you will find on their online, web browser-based betting platform is accessible via their mobile betting app, including any bonuses and promotional offers

So, at no time are you going to be missing out on anything or making any compromises what so ever if you choose to use their mobile betting app instead of their online betting platform. However, it is up to you wish one you prefer using, and there are pros and cons of using each one, so it will be down to your own personal preferences of course.

Gambling Limits and Support

As aa customer of Winner you have the ability of setting your own unique and personal gambling limits, each single time that you log into your betting account. In fact, I would strongly advise you to make use of those settings so you never get carried away when betting!

You can decide just how long you wish to stay logged into their betting platform and decide on your own personal maximum deposit limit too and can also set yourself your own loss limits too, which is always good to know if you have a track record for spending way too much when gambling!

An around the clock always available customer care team are as your beck and call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at the Winner Sportsbook, so if you ever get confused about anything or are never sure about anything then contact their team and they will be happy to help.

All bets you do placed will have their own transaction number so you can double check to see when you placed them how much you wagered and can also keep track of when each bet was settled, but all bets are settled automatically once the results of each event are known and have been declared.


I think you are probably going to be best advised to open up an account with the Winner Sportsbook initially and simply make use of their sign up welcome bonus, for when betting it is all about getting the best value and increasing your winning chances.

You will certainly be doing that when claiming that bonus offer, and once claimed they will be sending you out a steady stream of similar high valued promotional offers that you are free to make use of as you see fit.

Once you do have an account however as you are on the hunt for the best odds available on anything you are about to bet on, if the odds available at Winner are higher than are on offer at any other betting site, you can place you bet instantly and secure those odds without having to waste time registering as a new customer.

As Winner is one of our higher rated betting sites and being as they are also fully licensed and regulated I doubt you will ever have any problems when betting with them, and they are a fats paying sportsbook too.

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