NetBet Review

You could spend days looking around the web trying to find a new sportsbook or betting site at which to sign up to and bet at, much more so if you are very fussy about what you expect and demand from such a site, and that is why I suggest you spend just a couple of minutes reading through this review.

By doing so you are going to find out just what NetBet has in store for you, they may not be one of the longest established online and mobile betting sites, however I do think that when comparing them to most other betting sites you will find they do stand their ground well!

Exclusive Free Bet Promotion

NetBet are soon going to become one of your favourite betting sites, I am more than confident of that and the reason I say they will become your favourite betting site that in addition to the plethora of worldwide sports betting opportunities they have available they do have plenty of customer promotions too.


In fact, you can get off to a good start by clocking onto any of our links that will take you directly to their website, for by doing so you are going to be able to claim a free bet worth up to £50 (Ts & Cs Apply), all by doing what you were going to do anyway, making a deposit and placing a bet!

Be aware though that welcome bonus offer is subject to change at any time and with that in mind make sure you do head on over to their online sportsbook to see if it is still available, and if it is makes sure that you put in your claim for it.

As NetBet do have plenty of ongoing offers for their sports betting customers, I would also urge you to make a point of checking their website regularly and look out for any promotional emails off them, for they do make available lots of loyalty type promotional offers to all their registered clients.

Maximum Number of Betting Markets

It will be up to you whether you do take my advice and sign up to NetBet or not, however by doing so no matter when you do fancy placing a bet on any type of sporting activity I am more than confident they will be offering you a betting markets on that sporting event.

It is always the case the you will find the best odds on any type of sporting tournament are going to be offered before that tournament begins, and that is one of the main reasons NetBet offer ante post and early betting markets, on most sporting events.

However, not ever bet you place in advance of a sporting event starting is going to be a winning one of course and thanks to the new in-play betting markets NetBet have on offer you can carry on betting and possibly hedging your previously placed bets once a sporting event has started.

Keep in mind too that it doesn’t matter whether you use the betting app on their online betting platform the odds and the availability of all their betting markets will become available to you on both betting platforms, and there will be no end of things to bet on by the way!

Deposits and Withdrawals

You must learn very quickly as an online or mobile betting site account user, that it is all going to depend on just which deposit and withdrawal options you choose to use as to just how quickly you are going to be able to make a deposit and get paid out your winnings too.

Also, and this is very important, some of the deposit and withdrawal options you can make use of at NetBet as going to force you to pay fees and occasional charges, not to NetBet but to the company providing you with those payment options.

So, try and shy away if you can from using a credit card for example as you are going to be hit with interest fees and cash advance fees when using any credit card to top up your account, and not many credit card issuers let you withdraw your winnings bac to your credit card account.

Debit cards are an ideal way to top up your betting sites accounts, as when you win and let’s hope that you do so often, you can then ask for your winning to be sent back to the bank account that is the one linked up to the debit card you are using. Web wallets can also be used at NetBet to both make instant deposit and to get paid out your winnings too.

Staying in Control

Being licensed and regulated any betting sites such as NetBet are going to offer all their customers a range of options that will allow them to stay in control fully when gambling at their site, and as such you will always have access to their gambling limit option settings.

You can choose when you gamble at their online and mobile sportsbook, how much you deposit and can set a limit on how much you are prepared to lose to, so always make points of setting your own gambling limits just in case!

Customer support is something else that I have noticed that NetBet are very good at, and as such you will find an around the clock support team are on duty, so any questions you may have will be answered in no time at all.

You will however need to be over 18 years of age to both open an account and to gamble at NetBet, and to ensure they only allow adults to gamble at their site they do verify all customer accounts, so at some point in time you will have to get your account verified, but they and do it when you first sign up if you can!

Online and Mobile Betting

There was of course a time when if you wanted to place a bet on any type of sporting event or sporting fixture you would have to try to pop down to your local betting shop where you would have to accept the odds being offered to you or not bet at all.

However, with the advent of both online and mobile betting you are always now going to be able to shop around and compare the odds available on all manner of different betting opportunities and choose to place your bets at the betting site or sites offering you he most generous odds.

As a mobile or online betting platform user at NetBet you ae always going to be able to access both their betting app or their online betting platform with one single log in, so when NetBet are offering the best odds around you can place those bets instantly and with n fuss or hassle either.

There is no difference regarding the types of sporting events and betting markets on offer on each of those two betting platforms is it doesn’t matter which one you use you ae always going to find whatever it is you wish to bet on with odds attached!

Ongoing Offers and Deals

There is a fine art in knowing just which betting bonuses and promotional offers are going to be worth claiming, for these days you can come across all manner of promotions and bonuses too that are designed to give punters very little winning opportunities.

In fact, some bonuses and promotions are designed to lock in your deposit and force you to place a huge volume of wagers before you are ever able to cash anything out, so keep that in mind when choosing where to gamble.

However, there is no doubt in my mind that you are going to be impressed by the straight forward nature of all the offers and deals you can bag as a customer of NetBet.


Some betting sites are of course huge and very well known, and some of them may have land-based betting shops in the town or city in which you live, however that is something that NetBet does not offer, and even though they may not be a huge well know betting company they are one you can trust.

The only way to get a good feel for what they have to offer you is of course by looking at the betting platforms and betting markets in action, and you can do that right now be paying a visit to their website.

I you do like what you see and I am more than confident you will do when you checkout their site, then you can sign up in less than a minute and by suing our links to visit their site you will then be able to make use of their welcome bonus straight away too, and all the terms and conditions of that welcome bonus can be found on their website so do read them all through!

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