Last Call for World Cup Straight Forecast Bets!

Whilst you are probably getting somewhat overwhelmed with each of the many different World Cup bets that are on offer to you, from all of our featured betting sites, there is one bet that you haven’t got long to place before it will vanish!

That is of course the Straight Forecast range of bets you can play on any of the individual groups, and that bet is an easy one to place that could pay-out some large winning pay-outs if you mange to correctly predict just which team will finish at the top of any group and the one that will finish in second place.

As the first matches in the Group Stages are going to be kicking off real soon, then do consider placing a few well thought out bets, and one of the groups I do like the makeup of is Group E.

With that in mind below you are going to find each of the possible bets that are available on that betting markets and will also find the current odds too.

Group E Best Straight Forecast Odds

There are two bets that are joint favourites in the Group E Straight Forecast betting markets and those bets are the 1st Brazil/2nd Switzerland and the 1st Brazil/2nd Serbia bet, and as such the very highest odds you are going to secure on them are not that high, being just 21/10!

So if you do want some value then let me quickly rattle through the other possible outcomes of this match an let you know what odds are available.

The first couple of bets with reasonable odd associated with them are the 1st Brazil/2nd Costa Rica bet at 6/1 and also the 1st Serbia/2nd Brazil bet and the 1st Switzerland/2nd Brazil both of which are on offer at odds of 8/1.

Value hunters and those that think the underdogs are going to perform very well in Group G will get odds of 20/1 on the 1st Switzerland/2nd Serbia and the exact same odds on the 1st Serbia/2nd Switzerland bet, and slightly higher odds on the 1st Costa Rica/2nd Brazil bet those odds being 22/1.

The only other possible permutation of first and second finishers are the 1st Switzerland/2nd Costa Rica bet and the 1st Serbia/2nd Costa Rica bet which may attract some punters with their odds of 40/1.

Then there is the 1st Costa Rica/2nd Switzerland bet and the 1st Costa Rica/2nd Serbia bet and you can currently, if you are quick get odds of 60/1 on both of those last two betting opportunities.

Paddy Power the Home of World Cup Betting

All of the above betting opportunities are going to be available right up until the very first match in Group E kicks off, so make sure you visit Paddy Power if you fancy placing any of them.

In fact, do checkout their plethora of other unique World Cup betting opportunities too for I am more than confident you will like the look of several of them!

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