Upcoming Major Boxing Bouts In May

Bet On These Upcoming Big Boxing Events

There are always going to be boxing matches scheduled somewhere in the world, however I have noticed something of a swing recently regarding what are known as fight nights. That being one day of the week when there will be a plethora of boxing matches being played out that are available to watch on a range of different TV channels.

That is certainly going to be the case on May the 5th 2018, for the powers that be have decided to schedule five boxing matches for that day, and that does of course mean that there will be plenty of different betting opportunities available to you, if you are a fan of the sport. To help you get your head around just which bouts are taking place that day, and to give you an insight into which boxer is the favourite to win each match below you will find each match scheduled along with the win odds for each boxer and the draw odds too.

Plus, if you do fancy placing a few additional and much more unique bets and wagers on any of the matches listed below, I will be giving you an overview of just which ones you can place too.

Best Odds on These Upcoming Bouts

The odds on most boxing matches are going to be fixed odds, meaning that most bookmakers and betting sites are going to be offering the same odds no matter how much money is bet on either boxer.

On the 5th of May there are five boxing matches that you are going to be able to bet on, the first is the Rodriguez v Butler bout in which Rodriguez is the favourite to win at odds of 2/7, the match could end in a draw and the odds of it doing so are huge at 22/1, but if you fancy the chances of Butler his odds are 5/2.

It looks like Joyce cannot lose his bout with Thomas that is also taking places on the 5th of May 2018, for his win odds are 1/33, you can bet on the draw at 33/1 and Thomas is the outsider at 10/1.

The Ryder v Cox match does look evenly balanced for the odds you will find on offer on Ryder winning are 4/5, the draw can be had at odds of 20/1 and Cox is available at even money.

If you are eagerly awaiting the Ward v Tennyson match, then the best odds you are likely to find on Ward winning are 2/7, the draw looks unlikely at odds of 20/1 and it may be worth having a speculative punt on Tennyson at 5/2.

The final match on the 5th of May is the Haye v Bellew match, and most of the smart money is going on Haye to win at 1/2, the draw looks impossible at odds of 25/1 but for those of you who fancy the chances of Bellew you will find he is readily on offer at odds of 15/8

A Few More BIG  Boxing Matches During May 2018

There are also several other boxing matches that have caught my eye that are scheduled for May 2018, so fi you do want to pencil in your spot on the sofa to watch them please read on to find on when they are going to be shown live on TV and the odds of each opponent too.

On the 6th of May 2018 the Golovkin v Martirosyan match will be taking place however with odds of 1/40 on Golovkin, 25/1 on the draw and 12/1 on Martirosyan it does look a one-sided affair!

Moving onto the 11th of May 2018 you will be able to sit back and watch 22:00 Usyk take on Gassiev, it is Usyk that is favourite to win at odds of 2/5, the draw is 20/1 and you will be offered 2/1 on Gassiev winning.

The action is thick and fast during May for on the 12th Sexton takes on Fury, Sexton is the underdog at 10/1, the draw is 33/1 and Fury looks unbeatable at 1/25.

The following day on the 13th of May it is the turn of Lomachenko at 1/8 to take on Linares at 5/1, the draw can also be bet on at odds of 25/1.

On the 19th of May it is the Selby v Warrington bout, Selby is 2/9 and the draw is 20/1 and you can bet on Warrington at odds of 10/3.

On the 20th of May you can watch the Stevenson v Jack match and the odds are 4/7 for Stevenson to win 25/1 on the draw and 11/8 for Jack to win.

Types of Boxing Bets Available

When you look at the available odds on most up and coming boxing matches you will often be put off betting on the boxer you fancy the most, for if he is long odds-on to win the rewards for placing a bet will be tiny.

Therefore, what you should consider doing is to place a range of additional bets rather than just an outright win type bet, and there are plenty to hem you can pick and choose from.

Take for example the method of victory bet, when placing such a bet you must select the boxer you want to win but also name the method in which he is going to win, and the odds available on such bets will always be much higher than any boxers outright win odds. You are also going to be able to try and predict the round in which the match will end, and the odds can be quite tempting when you do place such a bet.

In fact, with the advent of betting exchanges you can also lay bets on the boxer you think is going to lose as opposed to having to pick the boxer who you think will win any match, so do consider laying some bets on different boxing matches if that is something that does appeal to you!