Fury v Seferi Betting Markets

Gone have the days when the only type of bet you could place on a boxing match was to pick out one of the two boxers and bet him to win that match! There are so many unique bets on offer on such bouts these days it can be quite easy to get confused.

But let me help you a little, to make sense of the huge and ever-growing range of bets you can place on the Fury v Seferi match that is all scheduled to go live on the 9th of this month, below you are going to find some very appealing betting opportunities I just know you will want to make use of!

Predict the Winner or Method of Victory

The outright betting markets are offering no realistic value what so ever on this match, for who in their right mind is going to bet on the most likely winner, that being Tyson Fury at his current appallingly low odds of 1/100?

The draw is only on offer at 33/1 and the odds you can currently get on Sefer Seferi winning this match are low at 20/1. I feel they should be at least double those odds given just how outclassed he is going to be in the ring!

The odds are going to be slightly better value if you can try and predict the method in which either boxer will win this boxing match, and as Fury is going to win, in most people’s opinion then how about the 1/10 odds available on him winning by either a Ko, Tko or a Disqualification?

You can bet on Tyson Fury to win on Points at 5/1 or on Sefer Seferi Points to win on points too at odds of a huge 50/1. Sefer Seferi could win by a Ko, Tko or Disqualification, and if you think that is somehow going to be the outcome bet now at odds of 25/1. Much like on the above betting market the draw odds are 33/1.

Best Betting Market - Individual Round Betting

Forget about placing any of the above bets if you are eager to secure the best odds on offer, for you should try and spend some time trying to work out in which round Fury is going to win in, and Betfred have an excellent bet you should be placing on this match.

That is a bet on which you simply must guess in which of two rounds Fury will win in, take for example if you pick rounds one or two, if he does win in either round you will be rewarded with some very fair odds of 7/2.

By betting on rounds 3-4 the odds are 3/1, rounds 5-6 in my opinion will be the when he wins and the odds on offer on that particular bet are 7/2, however you can have a bet on him winning in rounds 7-8 at odds of 9/2 or in rounds 9-10 too at odds of a generous 7/1 over at Betfred!

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