MOTO GP as it Stands 2018

MOTO GP 2018 State of Play

It is usually at this time of the year we see a range of new designs on different parts of the bikes being tested out a various Moto GP tracks around the globe. As such, and with that sporting environment being an ever changing one there are several news updates I must enlighten you about today.

However, of you do fancy placing a few bets and wagers on any up and coming Moto GP events, then I have found one betting market that I do think you are going to find of interest!

Ducati Test Driving a New Chassis and Fairing

My industry spies tell me that Jorge Lorenzo was the rider tasked with testing out a newly designed chassis over at Mugello just last Thursday, and whilst that test drive was held in private on the circuit, it would appear the test went without incident, and as such I think we can expect an announcement sooner rather than later from Ducati singing the praises of that newly designed chassis.

Lorenzo was also tasked with testing out a new type of fairing too, which if my contact is correct has been developed to be even more aerodynamic than the previous one, however whether they are going to run with the new fairing we will have to wait and see as heavy rain did curtail the events on the private test run shortly after lunch!

Bet Now on the Moto GP 2018 Riders Championship

It may seem a long way off, however if you do fancy betting on which rider is going to be the winner of the Moto GP 2018 Riders Championship, then now would probably be a good time to take advantage of the ante post betting opportunities that are available to you.

With that in mind here is an overview of the riders that will be all hoping they do take the title, align with their currency early odds on them being crowned champion!

It does look, from a betting point of view, and if the betting markets are to be believed, that Marc Marquez the red-hot favourite to win, for the best odds I have so far found on him are 1.22, so you will have to put a big bet on him to get any decent returns!

However, even though he is long odds on, that doesn’t mean one of the other riders isn’t in with a chance of winning and one that may be tempting at his current odds of 6.50 is Andrea Dovizioso , and I do know of several punters who are backing him at those odds.

As you would expect however, the odds on all other riders are going to be much higher, and that does of course reflect their chances of winning, however I would not put you off betting on Maverick Vinales at 10.00, Valentino Rossi at 15.00 or even Johann Zarco  at his current odds of 19.00.

You will however be taking chances if you choose to bet on any of the other riders, for whilst you may be attracted by their high valued betting odds, they do have only a very little chance of winning.

With that in mind though, if you are prepared to throw caution to the win then you could bet on Cal Crutchlow  whose odds of 26.00 may lure a few punters into betting on him, or for you value seekers out there Andrea Iannone  is on offer at odds of 41.00.

Dani Pedrosa has not shown any outstanding form recently, and as such you will find the odds available on him winning this event are huge at 67.00. The same could also be said for Jorge Lorenzo whose odds may be huge at 101.00, but his chances are remote of winning!

Miller Jack, Petrucci Danilo and Rins Alex are complete outsiders, so unless you have more money than sense you will never be tempted to place a single penny on them, even those their odds of 251.00 do seem overly generous.

As is always the case in this event, there are going to be one or two riders, that unless there is a complete miracle have no chance what so ever of winning it.

This year the honour of being the complete outsider to win the Moto GP 2018 Riders Championship falls to both Espargaro Aleix and Rabat Tito. If you have lost track of your sense and you are convinced that either rider is going to win, then you will be rewarded with odds of 1001.00, however you will probably not be collecting any winnings!

Keep in mind the above riders’ odds are going to fluctuate in value as the event draws closers, and you could consider comparing the odds offered to you at different betting sites, who may have a different outlook on this event, from a betting point of view!