Today’s Best World Cup Betting Opportunities

Hopefully you have been having at least some winners if you have been betting on the Group Stage matches being held in Russia as part of this year’s World Cup, and today sees another four Group Stage matches kicking off.

Annoyingly though two matches will be starting are 3pm and two of them will be starting at 7pm, so unless you are sat in front of two TV’s at home then you may be best advised to concentrate your betting efforts on the matches you can watch, without having to continually flip between two TV channels!

Germany and Mexico Look Sound Bets Today

Mexico are of course playing Sweden today, and whilst plenty of European punters are likely to be mopping up the current odds of 15/8 on Sweden winning that match, or may even be of the mind that the draw at 23/10 is the best bet the smart money does appear to be going on Mexico to win.

In fact, I doubt that you are going to find any betting sites offering you higher odds that 7/5 on them winning, but if you are prepared to hunt around the web and spend quite some time comparing the available odds on Mexico winning there is a chance you may find slightly higher odds, but they won’t be much higher!

Germany must win their match today against South Korea if they are to hold their heads up high, and even though they did get off to a bad start n the Group Stages, they should win this match easily, and their odds of 1/6 do reflect their chances of doing so. South Korea has no chance of winning and their odds of 14/1 do reflect that and the draw odds are 6/1.

Switzerland and Brazil Should Win

Moving onto the last two matches of the day, which are both starting at 7pm, we have Switzerland up against Costa Rica and Serbia are going to be playing against Brazil.

With odds of 4/5 on Switzerland wining it does appear that this match is going to go their way for Costa Rica have not been playing world class football and their odds of winning that match are 9/2, the match could go the way of the draw however and if you think that is the most likely outcome you can quite easily get odds as high are 21/10 on that match ending in a draw.

There will not be much money going on Serbia to win their match against Brazil though, except of course from a few of the most hardened Serbia supports, but they will be rewarded with odds of 6/1 on them winning that match.

Brazil are of course the short odds-on favourite to win that match and the best odds that I have so far found are at Betfred who are going 1/2 on Brail winning that match, which is what the most likely result will be by the way, however the match could of course end in a draw and the best draw odds I have found are 3/1!

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