Tote Bets Explained

If you have only recently started to bet online or on a mobile betting app, then I am more than confident that you will have come across all manner of weird and winder bet types that you may never have seen or come across before, let alone actually placed!

With that in mind I been very busy recently compiling lots of different guides to every single type of bet you can place no matter in which betting environment you choose to bet in.

This guide, as you may have already guess from its name is going to be giving you an insight into the many different types of Tote bets that are going to become available to you, and the Tote is simply a pooled betting service in which all bets placed are placed into one single pool per bet type.

Once for example a horse race is run, and the result has been declared then everybody who placed a winning Tote bet wins a share of the pool, which has been reduced slightly due to the fees and commissions the Tote organiser takes out of each pool.

Below you will find both a list and an overview of each of the available Tote bets that you can place, either online, via a mobile betting app or even in persons at a recourse or greyhound track.

How to Place Tote Win and Tote Place Bets

Let me now give you some ideas of the many different types of bets and wagers you can place when at a racecourse if the have the Tote betting operation in place.

The easiest and most basic of bet you can place on the Tote is a Tote Win bet, and as the name does suggest this bet is one on which you have to pick any of the horses about to run in a race that you think is going to win that race.

There could be a minimum stake requirement of a couple of Pounds, but if your horse does win then you are going to pick up a share of the win pool, which depending on whether the favourite wins or an outsider could be a small amount of a large amount of cash!

A Tote Place bet is like a win bet, but it will be a winning one if your horse finishes in one of the top positions of the race it is running in. The number of positions this type of bet pays out to is down to the number of horses running in the race and if the race is a handicap race or not.

Tote Exacta

The Tote Exacta can be quite aa fun bet, for all that it entails you doing of you do fancy placing such a bet is picking out the horse that you think is going to win a race, and then picking the horse you think is going to come second.

If you do pick the first and second horses in the correct order then depending on how much you placed on your bet you will find a share of the prize pool, the more you wagered the bigger share of the prize pool you will win!

Tote Trifecta

You must pick the horse you think are going to finish in first position, second position and third position in the correct order to win a Tote Trifecta bet.

However, this is a much harder type of bet to win on that you may first have imagined, so do not get too carried away if you choose to place this type of bet for often you will come nowhere close to picking out the first, second and third in the correct order, in fact you may struggle to pick one of the placed horses, never mind the winner1

Tote Quadpot

The Tote Quadpot is a bet on which you must pick a placed horse in the third to sixth races at any racecourse, this is a much easier type of bet to win on than the one you are about to read about!

Tote Placepot

If you think you can pick out at least one horse from the very first six races being run at an UK racecourse then you need to place a Tote Placepot bet, for that is how you will win when placing such a bet!

You can place any value of wager, but the bigger you bet the bigger share of the prize pool you are going to win if you do manage to pick out one placed horse in the first six races held at any chosen UK racecourse.

Tote Jackpot

The Tote Jackpot bet is one on which punters have to puck out 6 winners from just one chosen race meeting, this bet costs a minimum of £1 and as such it is a low-cost bet but one that does offer some huge cash prizes.

It is always down to whether the favourites are winning more races than not as to the likelihood of there being one or more winnings, and one race is chosen each day of the week to allow everybody to find time to place this type of Tote bet!

Tote Scoop6

The Scoop6 is a special bet that is run in conjunction with the free to air TV channel ITV Racing in the UK, it used to be a popular bet often mentioned on Channel 4 Racing until they lost the right to air horse racing form racecourses across the UK.

This is a bet on which punters have to bet at least £2 to try and pick the winners from six races, if no one winner wins then the prize pool rolls over onto the next meeting chosen, which it does quite often. The jackpot also grows in size to some massive amounts and winners then can win a bonus prize by trying to predict a winner of a race meeting being shown live on TV the following week.