Guide to BritBet Pool Betting

You are going to hear more and more about BritBet, for they are a new pool betting type of service that is going to be rolled out across UK racecourse this summer.

The idea behind BritBet is that once upon a time you could only place a pool type bet in the UK by using the services of the Tote, which was sold by HM Government very recently to Betfred.

Part of the deal in that sale was that Betfred could continue running the Tote as a complete monopoly for just a few years, and then it would be opened to competition, and that is exactly why BritBet has been launched.

As such when you visit some racecourses across Great Britain you are no longer going to see Tote bets being offered, but BritBets will be on offer instead.

However, if you did enjoy placing bets and wagers on the Tote, the range of BritBets are identical to the old Tote bets, so you are not going to miss out on placing your favourite bets at the racecourse, its just they will have a different name in some cases, so carry on reading to find out what BritBets are going to become available to you.

BritBet Win Bet and Place Bet

I probably wouldn’t be tempted to plat a BritBet Win Bet, for as your money is going into a pool the pay-out dividend will be reduced by the commission and other fees taken out of the pool before a dividend is declared.

So, it can be and probably will be the case when a red-hot favourite does win a race or one of the other more fancied runners wins the pay-out dividend will be lower than the odds offered to you by a bookmaker.

But if you do wish to place a bet then by picking out a horse, if it wins you get a share of the prize pool, the value of which is determined by just how much you placed on that winning horse.

A BritBet Place bet is a much more appealing bet, as you only must pick a horse to get placed in a race to pick up a winning pay-out.

On races with more than 24 runners in them that type of bet pays to five positions, four positions are paid for races with 16 to 23 runners, three positions are paid for races with 8 to 15 runners and just two positions are paid with races in which just five, six or seven horse runs.

First Two Bet

The First Two bet is exactly as its name suggests you must pick out two horse that are going to finish in first and second position, but you much pick them in the right order for this bet to be a winning one.

The best part about this kind of bet is that the lesser fancied runners that do finish in first and second position will result in some much higher dividends being awarded as there will be fewer people who will have selected them, so never pin your hopes on winning big from this bet if you pick the first and second favourites!

First Three Bet

As you are now fully ware of how to place the above bet I think you will have a very good idea of how to place a First Three bet, and yes you guess correctly you much pick the first and second horse in any horse race along with the horse that comes in third to get a winning pay-out!

First Four Bet

It isn’t going to be too difficult to place a First Four bet but what will be difficult is your being able to correctly pick the horses that will finish in the top four spots in the correct order but if you do manage to do so you are going to receive some hefty winning dividends, much more so if the odds on those four placed horses are high in value!

First Five Bet

You will not be able to place a First Five bet on any horse races as BritBet will pick the race you can place this bet on, and whilst the chances of you picking the first five horses home are tiny there is a guaranteed minimum prize pool on offer on this type of BritBet bet!


You can also place something known as a GoldPot bet, and that will see you having to correctly predict the winner of the first or in some cases the first seven races of selected meetings, there is a huge in fact mega jackpot that can be won on this type of bet, much more so when it hasn’t been won for a while and the jackpot has rolled over several times too.


One the races numbered three to six you are going to be able to try and win the SiverPot bet, and to do so you have to name and pick out the winners of each of those four races, whilst a difficult bet to win on the rewards are going to be there for you in the form of a huge prize pool if you ever do manage to beat the odds and win this type of BritBet bet!


The only other bet that BritBet will be offering is a simple to understand one on which you are tasked with picking out just one horse, or you can perm several together, that you hope will win or get placed in each of the first six races of any race meeting.

Sometimes there will be a low valued dividend when the favourites have all been placed, but there is always going to be the potential to win big on this bet when any of the outsiders fill the top places in a horse race, so if you do decide to place a Placer bet ten try and select a few of the outsider at least as you could win big by doing so!