US Sportsbook Betting Guide

Gambling on US Betting Sites

Since the early to mid-1990’s there have been lots of online sportsbooks that cater for US sports bettors, and those betting sites not only accept customers based across the USA they will also accept customers based in any other country of the world too.

However, if at any type you do decide to bet at such a site you are going to find the names given to certain bet types are completely different to the bets and wagers you usually place, even though they are the exact same bet.

You will also find a few unique and exotic bet types when betting at such a sportsbook, and as part of our ongoing commitment to present to you everything you ever need to know about gambling and betting online, this guide is dedicated to showcasing to you those bets that are available at US facing sportsbooks.

Below you will find a listing of each of them along with a description of how each bet has been designed and structured too. So, I invite you to read of for you never know you may just come across a bet that you do fancy placing that you have never actually placed before.

Straight Bets and Parlay Bets

If you have ever placed a sports bet before, then one that you have probably placed is a Straight Bet, for that is the easiest of bets to place and every single sports betting site will allow you to place such a bet.

In its most basic form, all that you are tasked with doing is picking out any sporting event you want to bet on, which could be a golf tournament for example, and you must select one of the golfers to win that tournament and then accept either the odds being offered to you or the money lines.

If your golfer, then does go on to win your Straight Bet wins too! But if you ant to try and win big by predicting the outcomes of several different sporting events consider placing something known as a Parlay Bet.

A Parlay Bet is a wager on which you can select as many different sporting events to bet on as you like, and the aim is to predict the winning outcome on each of those events. If you do the winnings and stakes roll over onto each event you bet on, and that is how you can get some massive returns from such a bet!


Futures are nothing to be confused about, for they are much like ante post betting markets, on which you can place bets of many different types but usually outright winner bets on various sporting events.

Savvy punters know however it is always worth comparing the odds different betting sites are offering on their Futures betting markets, for there can be some excellent value that comes with betting weeks or in some case months or even years before a sporting event is due to start.

If you pick a reliable and licensed betting site you can bet as far in advance of a sporting event starting safe in the knowledge that betting site will still be around when the sporting events does start and they will of course pay you out if you win too!

Proposition Bets

What I do like about Proposition bets or Probs are they are fondly known, is that you can win some fairly large amounts of cash on things that happen in any sporting event.

By in I mean things such as whether a golfer is going to score a hole in one, or whether a snooker player will score a 147 finish, or even how many darts players will score 180 with three darts during any darts tournament.

It is often the case these days that if you can think of a proposition bet you will usually find at least one betting site that will offer you odds on that prop!

But do always shop around for the betting sites offering the best odds, as many of them will have a different outlook and opinion on the likelihood of some things happen as a sporting event in in live play and as such the odds can and will vary from betting site to betting site!

Teaser Bets

Teasers offer a unique way in which sports bettors can, if they do desire money the points spread on a handful of different sports betting opportunities, by doing so they may find one type of bet much more appealing than others.

But at the end of the day it is always going to be the sportsbook that will determine if they are offering any teasers and just how generous those teasers really are!

Round Robin

There are still plenty of online and mobile sports betting sites that offer best and wager types that have been around for years and are still as popular with punters as they were years and years ago.

Take a Round Robin bet, that is a bet on which you are going to be able to perm three selections together in such a way that they will be linked dup into three double bets, so if just two of your selections turn out to be winning ones you have those two teams or events covered in one double but get three selections correct and you will have three winning doubles.

If you are a fan of betting on favourites that are often on offer with very los odds then there is no doubt in my mind you will find Round Robin bets to your liking for with each of the doubles you have as winning ones seeing the stakes form one and the winnings rolled over onto the other bet on that double the winning pay-outs will be much higher that when you bet on them individually, but you do need them all to win to cash out a fair chunk of money!