William Hill Review

If you haven’t bet in a William Hill betting shop in your life before, then you are probably not from the UK or haven’t been betting very long! They are one of the biggest UK betting shop operators and they now also have a huge presence overseas in countries such as the US where they dominate the Las Vegas betting scene!

This review has been put together so that I can point out to you the good and any bad points of William Hill’s online and mobile betting site and app, so read on as you may find what they do have to offer you as a sports bettor of interest!

Exclusive Free Bets Offer

Every single betting site we have chosen to showcase to you throughout this website have given us some extra special bonuses, offers and even free bet promotions to give away to our website visitors, when they sign up to any or all those sites.

You are probably wondering what you are going to be able to fill your boots with if you sign up to the William Hill sports by clicking on any of our links, well firstly you are going to be able to make use of their bet £10 bet with £30 (Ts & Cs Apply) promotion.

However, being one of the biggest names in bookmaking you are going to find the offers and deals do not end as such as you claim that bonus offer, for they have plenty of additional ones up for grabs, which you are going to be able to make use of to lock in additional betting value.

Make no mistake about it, by making the wise and smart decision of signing up to William Hill you are going to have a large range of promotional offers coming your way, and there will be a never-ending supply of different sports betting opportunities also available to you, so head on over to their website for more details when you can do!

William Hill Offers Odds on Everything

Over the years I have often been surprised at what William Hill will lay odds on, I have known some people who contact their odds compilers and ask for odds on them losing x amount of weight over a certain numbers of weeks or months and William Hill have laid them odds.

You can even bet on whether little green men will be found on Mars or the Moon. However, for the serious sports better you are always going to find the betting platforms, including their online and mobile ones feature live and up to the second odds that are updated in real time.

No matter which type of sports categories you fancy having an interest in William Hill sportsbook will be offering you odds, in fact much like when you wander into one of their high street betting shops, if you can think of a bet, they will lay you that bet.

Betting in-play is also something that William Hill pioneered, so if you ever do fancy having a bet on say a soccer match or horse race once it has started then simply make use of their online or mobile in-play betting markets and you can have a bet until the dying seconds of a match or race!

Deposits and Withdrawals

You can often feel like you are banging your head against a wall when you try to cash out your winnings quickly from some betting sites, for many of them will hold on your your withdrawals for days and leave them pending an in a reversable state for any number of days.

The obvious reason they do leave pay-out spending is that they hope punters that have won big will think their luck will continue and will continue to gamble and will them lose back their winnings, and hopefully a lot more besides.

Well, there is never going to be any of that nonsense when you are a customer of William Hill, for you are always going to be able to cash out your winnings 24 hours a day and you will always be safe in the knowledge your winnings are going to be paid out to you in the fastest possible time frames too.

They accept every possible type of payment option including but not limited to all web and e-wallets, all credit and debit cards including prepaid debit cards to and you can also make deposits using prepaid vouchers and even send them your deposits by bank transfer if you so desire.

Account Verification

One thing that all licensed and betting sites are going to require you to do when you open an account with them is to prove you are firstly old enough to gamble and have your address and identify fully verified, and that is what William Hill will require you to do.

However, in most cases when you have registered as a new customer they can often verify you and your account electronically, and as such they may not need you to send into them copies of identification documents and recent utility bills etc.

But if they cannot verify your account then they will ask you to send into them the documents they require which will allow them to confirm you are who you say you are, you are also old enough to gamble at their site and you live where you say you do too.

One other thing I should point out is that you are only going to be able to register as a user of the William Hill betting site or betting app if you are over the age of 18.

Online and Mobile Betting

What you will be best advised doing the moment you sign up to William Hill online sportsbook is to download their app onto your mobile phone too, as that way you will be able to place any bet you like when you are not sat near your computer or laptop.

In fact, it may surprise you to learn that more people now bet on the William Hill app as they do via their online betting platform, and that gives you an indication of just how easy to use yet advanced their betting app really is.

In case you are wondering you are not going to have to sign up a second time to access their mobile app as you can use the same username and the same password as you use online, and you will have the same range of betting opportunities on the app and the same range of deposit and withdrawal options on their app as you do when using their online platform.

Customer Help and Support

I have had an account with William Hill for years now and in all those years I cannot recall having to have contacted their support team at all, which shows you just how reliable their betting platform and banking interface are.

However, they do have plenty of ways that you can contact them via telephone, emails or instant chat for example, but be aware though that I have heard reports that it can often take a little time for them to respond at the busier times of the day, which I suppose is due to them being a huge company with plenty of customers.

If you are ever unsure about anything and do not want to bother their support staff you will find lots of help guides on their help and support section of their website, so I would advise you to consult them first if you are unsure about any of the inner workings for their betting site or betting app, as you will often find the answers you are looking for when you do so.


There is not a lot else I can tell you about William Hill that hasn’t been covered in the review above but do keep in mind that they are not just a betting company, as they have now launched a huge range of other online and mobile gambling sites too.

Your log in details are going to allow you to sign into their website and then make use of any of their other gambling sites, and you can move your account balance form say your sports betting account into their poker, bingo or casino account in just a couple of seconds.

So, if you love gambling in any shape for form then you will always find plenty of additional gambling opportunities as a customer of William Hill.

However, it must be their stunning and every growing range of sports betting opportunities that is going to appeal to you the most, and the best way for you to see for yourself just how reliable a bookmaker is will be by giving them a try.

If you do so then don’t forget to claim that exclusive and high valued sign up bonus I told you about early, as it will be sat waiting for you when you sign into your account with them for the very first time!

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