Get More Value from Football Coupon Betting

When you start planning your weekly or even daily football betting exploits, one of the problems you are often faced with is that the teams you may fancy having a bet on have very low odds attached to them.

That is always going to be the case when you want to bet on an inform team and one that is playing well. Therefore, you will often be put off betting on that team as the rewards will be very low if that team are long odds-on to win their respective match,

There is a way however that you can try and increase the pay-out odds when you do fancy the chances of several football teams to win, and each of those team’s odds are low, and that is by perming them together in one or more accumulator type bets.

What you will also find if you visit betting sites such as Betfred is that you will also find several different football betting coupons, that not only allow you to perm together several football teams in one single bet but will offer you a range of boosted and enhanced odds on those types of bets too.

In my opinion, you are going to be very hard-pressed to find a better betting site than Betfred when it comes to you getting more valued from any type of football bet, and as such below I am going to be introducing you to their best paying and most popular football betting coupons.

Top Paying Goals Galore Football Betting Coupons

Fred Done the owner of Betfred really has ripped up the rule book regarding football coupon betting, and as such he has devised his own set of Goals Galore coupons, on which you will find some of the best odds that can help you achieve some much higher winning pay-outs when compared to all other bookmakers and betting sites.

To help you get your head around how those betting coupons have been structured, below you will find an overview of each of them, and make sure that you claim or high valued exclusive bonus offer if you are not already a client of Betfred, for some added betting value!

Goals Galore Coupon

Instead of you having to pick out whether a football match will end in an away win, a draw or a home win, Betfred has put together a unique range of football betting coupons that they call their Goals Galore coupons, and boy have they proven to be very popular with punters.

You first need to get your head around the way each of them has been structured and designed so I will start with their standard Goals Galore coupon, on which you must pick out a minimum of three football matches in which both teams will score a goal at some point in the first 90 minutes and any extra injury time.

The more matches you do pick that end in such a way the bigger and better in size your winning pay-outs will become, and the stake you can wager on these types of coupon bets can be very low if you are a low stake punter, or very high if you like to bet big!

Goals Galore Bonus Coupon

Proving he really is the Bonus King, Fred Done the owner of Betfred also offers an additional goals Galore standard coupon but one which is known as the Bonus Coupon, on which his team have handpicked a smaller range of football matches and has given the odds on both teams scoring in each match some much higher odds.

As such if you are prepared to put up with a smaller range of matches to pick from and are happier with the much higher odds on offer then do look out for that bonus coupon, on which you do have to pick out at the very least three teams to make up your bet.

Goals Galore - No Draw Coupon

To give you the chance of winning big, the Betfred team have also devised yet another Goals Galore coupon this on being their No Draw Coupon.

Now when making use of that coupon bet you have two hope a couple of things happen in each of the matches you have chosen to add onto your coupon.

The first thing you will be hoping for is that both teams do score at least one goal during the match, but also that the match does not end in a draw! Unlike the above two coupon bets the minimum number of matches you can have on each coupon is just two of them as opposed to three,

Getting two matches up will see you getting paid out at odds of 6/1 and if you go for gold and pick ten matches and they do all end in the way mentioned above then the odds you will get rewarded with are massive at 25,000/ 1!

Goals Galore - 1st Half/2nd Half Coupon

Another type of coupon bet that is exclusive to Betfred is the Goals Galore 1st Half/2nd Half, which must like the other coupon bets listed above can pay-out some large amounts of cash, even if you are not putting into place some huge stake amounts.

The basic structure of this bet is like the ones above, in as much as you will be hoping that both teams do score one goal each at least, however this coupon makes you pick whether those goals are going to be scored in the first half or in the second half.

If you pick the minimum required number of matches to bet on, that being two and select the first half and then both teams in those two matches do score in the first half the pay-out odds are 20/1, if you opt for the goals to all be scored in the second half then the pay-out odds are 11/1, so the choice of whether to pick the first half or second half is yours to make!

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