How to Bet on Football Coupons

Football coupon betting is big business in the UK, for what you will be doing if you bet on a coupon is perming together lots of football teams in one or more bets, and as that could see you winning big, if you do predict the correct outcome of several football matches is a huge winning pay-out.

However, as is often the case most first time and novice sports bettors are blissfully unware of some of the more unique and exotic bets associated with different sporting categories, and as such I am going to be walking you through all you need to know to be able to start betting on football coupons in this following guide.

But one thing I would advise you to do, no matter what types of sports you wish to bet on, is to make sure that you only sign up to and then bet at the sportsbooks listed and approved throughout this website and by us.

For by doing so, as each of those sportsbooks, bookmakers and betting sites are all fully licensed and regulated, and are famed for their rapid winning pay-outs, you are never going to experience any problems when betting at any of them and will always be paid out the entire value of your withdrawals rapidly, on time and in full too!

But let me now give you some ideas of just how wide and varied the many different football coupons are, of you are bound to find plenty of them that will appeal to you, no matter how large or small your bankroll is.

Both Teams to Score Coupon

As you will know, during the football season in the UK most matches are played on Saturday, and as such you will find all the follow coupon bets will have every single match scheduled to take place each Saturday listed upon them and often the ones being played on other days of the week two.

However, the first football coupon bet that will take you a little time to study and work out which teams you do wish to place a bet on is the both teams to score coupon.

Not it doesn’t take a genius to see what you are tasked with having to do on such a coupon, for you are able to pick out as many of the listed teams you wish to bet on, and then must decide if both teams are going to score at least once in each of those matches.

The choice you have however on each match you select, and you can pick out as many of them as you like, will be either yes, each team will score at least one goal or not they won’t, and there will be a set of odds on the yes or no outcome.

Simply decide how much you wish to bet and the number of teams you wish to bet on and decide which option you wish to make on each match, and the bet will then be settled as an accumulator.

Long List Football Betting Coupons

The best football betting coupon in my opinion is the original one that is simply known as a long list, however some betting sites may give it a different name, but the way they have been designed and structured is the same.

This coupon bet is one on which you usually must pick at the very least three matches, or any number of matches over three, and decide if it will be the home or away team that will win each match or whether the match will end in a draw.

There will be odds on the home, draw and away team outcome alongside each match and once you have chosen a stake to bet the coupon bet will be steeled as an accumulator bet, which does of course mean that you are required to have every single outcome you predicted being the right one to get a winning pay-out.

It is going to be the stake you wagered, the number of matches you bet on and the combined odds that will ultimately determine just how much you can win when playing a long list football coupon bet, but if you do pick out a large number of matches to bet on and you guess the outcomes correctly on each of those matches you are going to be in for a very large pay day!

Under/Over 2.5 Goals Betting Coupons

Some football matches will end up being very boring ones to watch if neither side scores a goal, however some matches can be amazing to watch as there could be loads of goals scored and the score line could keep on changing.

That is when it may pay dividends for you to choose to bet on and under/over 2.5 goals betting coupon, for when you do so you must guess whether a match or several matches are going to end with under 2.5 goals being scored or more that 2.5 goals will be scored.

The odds of each of those two possible outcomes will vary from match to match, and when you set about placing this type of bet you can pick out as many teams to have permed together and linked via a one single accumulator type of bet.

You have full control over the stakes you do wager, and the only way you will receive a winning pay-out is if you have correctly predicted the outcome on the matches you have chosen to include on your accumulator.

These coupon best are available on all matches being played in the UK during the football season and many betting sites will also have them available on international matches, leagues and tournament games too.

So, no matter what time of the year you fancy placing this type of bet you will always find plenty of football teams for you to bet on, so do consider trying your luck on this bet as you never know your luck could be in!

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