Lewis Hamilton Favourite to Win the British Grand Prix

Having a few bets on this weekend’s British Grand Prix is possibility something you are prepared to do, for that is going to be one way of giving your viewing experience a bit more excitement and you could of course win big too.

It is however the driver you bet on that is going to give you the chance of a small, decent or huge winning pay-out, as each of those drivers taking part in that race have different odds associated and attached to them winning.

The current red-hot favourite who to be fair is going to be very hard to beat is Lewis Hamilton, and try as I might I couldn’t find any better odds this morning than 5/6 on him winning that event, so if you do want to back him to win you aren’t going to be looking at a huge winning pay-out unless you bet big on him.

The four other drivers who are going to try and outsmart him and win and have the best chances of doing so are S, Vettel at 7/2, V. Bottas at 11/2 and M. Verstappen at 15/2, so think long and hard about whom you do decide to bet on!

Current Winning Team Betting Markets

One betting market that has not been as volatile as the outright winner betting markets on this year’s British Grand Prix is the winning team market, and whilst some money is being bet on Mercedes at 4/9 their odds aren’t value packed by any stretch of the imagination.

However, never overlook the other betting opportunities on the team winner betting market as if you are prepared to look a little further afield that Mercedes you can find teams with odds such as Ferrari at 9/4, Red Bull at 7/2 and even McLaren at 500/1!

Riskier Bets on the British Grand Prix

If betting on the favourites to win the British Grand Prix isn’t what you are thinking of doing and want to place some much higher risk bets, then how about you betting on the drivers that you think will record the fastest lap time?

If we take the six most likely drivers who could record the fastest lap time, those being L. Hamilton, V. Bottas, S. Vettel, D. Ricciardo, M. Verstappen and K. Raikkonen then you will find some quite attractive odds on such bets.

Two 50/1 shots to record the fastest lap time, in the main race are R. Grosjean and K. Magnussenor you could get odds of 80/1 on both C. Sainz and F. Alonso.

But those drivers which by far and away the best odds on this betting markets are N. Hulkenbergat 125/1, S. Perez and E. Ocon at 250/1, and you can get 300/1 on C. Leclerc, 500/1 on S. Vandoorne and B. Hartley, 750/1 on P. Gasly and huge odd off the likes of L. Stroll, S. Sirotkin and M. Ericsson who are all chalked up at odds of 1000/1.

But those odds do of course represent their chances of recording the fastest lap time in the main race, so they are very risky bets to place!

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