Which of the Four Semi Finalists Will Win The World Cup?

It won’t be long now until we know who has won the FIFA World Cup, and I doubt anybody could say it hasn’t been one of the most exciting if not unusual of tournaments!

The major betting sites, all of whom are reviewed throughout this website have now reduced the number of teams likely to win, which won’t come as a surprise to anyone as there are just four teams left in the tournament of course.

It is however France that are leading the way, and if you fancy backing them today then you really ought to be doing so right now and with no delays either for their odds are 2/1, which could be the value bet of the day.

But having said that there is always the chance that England could win, and there are going to be millions of punters the world over who do fancy their chances and will be mopping up the current odds of 5/2.

There is always the chance that Belgium could come out on top and win and with 11/4 being offered by most betting sites on them doing just that, if they are your chosen team then the sooner you bet on them the better.

Croatia are however the outsiders to win, but only just but if you do like the way they won against Russia yesterday then I’m sure the current odds of 4/1 on them winning will tempt you to have a punt of them!

Tuesdays France vs Belgium Match

This Tuesday you can back either France or Belgium to win their match in the Semi Finals of the World Cup and the 90 minutes of play betting markets give France the best chances of winning at 6/4, you can back the draw at odds of 11/5 and Belgium are on offer at odds of 21/10.

The match between Croatia and England could go either way too and Croatia are currently pencilled up at odds of 12/5, the draw after 90 minutes of play is on offer at 11/5 and England are available at odds of  11/8.

Could Romelu be the Top Goal Scorer?

There are some huge odds of 500/1 up for grabs on the top goal scorer of the tournament betting markets if you are prepared to place a bet on Michy Batshuayi, Alli Dele or even Marcus Rashford,  however let’s face it their chances of being the top goal scorer are virtually zero!

Romelu Lukaku, is probably the only other player that could possibly be the top goal scorer, and with odds of 8/1 on him being so that is a punt to consider making.

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