Updated World Cup Group Winner Odds

The betting on the Group Stages of the world cup is well underway, and if you do have a team you fancy to top any of the induvial Groups, then you should not be hesitating, for the odds of you chosen team will drop if they win their scheduled matches!

With that in mind today I want to rattle through the best odds that I have so far come across for each of the teams in each group, and if you want to take advantage of these odds then sites such as Paddy Power or Betfred are the ones you should be using!

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Groups A to D Winners

In Group A is it Uruguay who are the favorites to head the group and their odds are 4/6 however you are going to bet able to bet on Russia at 9/5, Egypt at 13/2 and Saudi Arabia at some huge odds of 25/1 if you are quick!

The most likely Group B winner is Spain at 4/9 but do not underestimate teams such as Portugal at 2/1, Morocco at 12/1 or possible by some fluke of luck Iran at 25/1!

It does look like France at 3/10 will head Group C but they will of course face some stiff competition form the likes of Denmark at 10/3, Peru at 11/1 and possible Australia at 14/1!

Over in Group D it is hard to look past Argentina as the group winner for their odds are 4/6, Croatia are 15/8 to head the group currently and you will be able to bet on Iceland at 9/1 and Nigeria who are currently at 9/1 too.

Group E to Group H Winners Betting

There is no doubt that the Group E winner is going to be Brazil at 4/11 for their opponent do not look up to beating them! However, if you do want to bet on them you will find Serbia and Switzerland are 5/1 and the rank outsider for this group are Costa Rica at 12/1.

The Group F winner is looking like Germany who are currently 1/3, but you can of course bet on Mexico at 9/2, Sweden at 11/2 and if you must South Korea at 20/1!

The Group G betting market is an interesting one for all betting sites have Belgium as the favourites and the best odds so far, I have come across are 8/13, next you have England at 5/4 and then Tunisia at 20/1 and Panama at 40/1!

The final group you may fancy having a bet on is Group H and in that group, Colombia are 7/5, Poland are 6/4 and Senegal are 7/2, and you can get odds of 13/2 on Japan heading the group.

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