Who Will Win the QLD Cup 2018?

Over in Australia there is a lot of interest in the grand final winner betting markets associated wither QLD Cup, which if you are blissfully unaware is going to be won by one of the top tier Rugby League teams over there?

As is often the case when it comes to betting on the team you think will win that cup, the earlier you get your bets placed the much higher odds you will secure. For when a team does win match after match their outright winner odds will drop quite noticeably.

If you do fancy placing a bet on the team you think is going to outshine the rest an get their hands on the QLD Cup this year, then two teams that are pencilled in as the favourites to do so are the Townsville Blackhawks and the Redcliffe Dolphins.

The odds on both of those two teams are the same currently, that being 7/2, however the Burleigh Bears are not far behind them on the betting markets and their odds are 4/1.

Regarding one more team that does have a good chance of winning that is the Souths Logan Magpies who many fans are backing at 7/1.

Value Bets on the QLD Cup Winner

There is of course never any knowing when a Rugby League team will find their form, and there is the very real chance that one of the mid-priced teams could end up winning the cup this year  and therefore do not discount the chances of teams such as the Easts Tigers at 10/1.

The Sunshine Coast Falcons are another team who certainly know how to play and there could be come value having a little bet on them at 12/1, in fact the same can be said of the Tweed Heads at 14/1 and also Northern Pride whose odds are going to start to drop from their current 16/1 if they do start playing up to their very best form.

CQ Capras Cannot Possibly Win!

I think it is very safe and fair to say that CQ Capras cannot possibly win the cup this year and all betting sites agree, so much so you will find their win odds are huge at 400/1.

Another complete outsider are the Mackay Cutters at 150/1, but with some luck in playing teams such as the Norths Devils and the PNG Hunters could win at high odds of 33/1, but I doubt the Ipswich Jets  or the Wynnum Manly Seagulls both at  40/1 will be celebrating this season, but you never know.

Make sure you do however compare the odds available on any of the teams playing for the QLD Cup this year,  at various different betting sites, and if you fancy laying a team to lose then the best site you can lay such bets at is of course Betfair!

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