World Cup Russia vs Saudi Arabia Correct Score

One of the biggest football betting events this year is of course going to be the World Cup, and if you have been patiently waiting for the Group Stages of that international football tournament to start then there isn’t much time left to wait!

The first match being played in Russia is of course the match in which the host nation are going to be taking on Saudi Arabia, and if the betting markets are to be believed that is going to be a very easy match for Russia to win.

The odds on them doing so are Russia 4/9, so if they do not manage to brush aside Saudi Arabia then there isn’t much chance Russia will progress through the Group Stages. The draw odds you can get on that match are 16/5 and you can also get odds of 8/1 on Saudi Arabia winning.

You are best advised to consider placing a correct score bet if you do want added value and to give you a few ideas of which of the possible scores the match could end in and their respective odds I have listed as many of them as I can below.

Correct Score Betting Win Odds

You could bet on which team you think is going to win this match or on the draw as mentioned above and have a bit of a saver bet on the correct score betting markets too, and if you do there are two bets that are currently attracting a lot of money on the betting markets.

They are the 1-0 win result for Russia available at 4/1 and the 2-0 result too which you can get odds of 9/2 on. There could be plenty of goals scored in this match, you never know and if you think there will be but that Russia will win this match the odds on the 2-1 result are 8/1 and on a 3-0 win to Russia you can get odds of 17/2.

I am still considering the thought of Saudi Arabia actually winning this match, which could happen, and if they win by one goal to nil most betting sites are going 16/1 on that result, but a two nil win for Saudi Arabia can be had at odds of 40/1.

Current Correct Score Draw Betting Odds

It will be a very boring match if the final result of this match is 0-0, but that is something that could happen and as such if you do think both teams are going to fail miserably on the pitch and not score any goals the 0-0 draw odds are 15/2.

A 1-1 draw is another possible outcome and there are plenty of betting sites that will offer you odds of 7/1 on that result, but a 2-2 draw is good value regarding the bets odds I have seen and those odds for reference are 25/1.

Much bigger odds are on offer on a 3-3 draw and those odds are 175/1, and if by some sheer fluke you think the match will end in either a 4-4 or 5-5 then make sure you get your bets on quick as the odds on such a draw outcome are huge at 500/1!

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